INCLASS Veneers: Leading the Way with Quality Products

Welcome, dear reader!

Today, we take you behind the scenes and into the depths of our products, babies we’ve nurtured with our love and care for over 30 years.

‘We’ve been leading suppliers of exotic wood veneers in India over the course of these years. Here’s how we achieve this year after year. This is what makes our products unique.

Genuine Wood

INCLASS’ veneers are made from genuine wood. Because no imitation of it will do.

As human beings, we respond to real wood. It engenders a feeling of warmth and sense of home and wellness in us all.  And our supreme quality wood veneers too do exactly this.

Stability and Durability

Veneered furniture, by its very nature, offers a degree of stability and durability that solid wood alone can not. Solid wood tends to “work”, that is, to split or warp, in time. The addition of veneer to your furniture adds a layer of support to them and helps keep at bay the effects of time on it, such as bending, warping and others.

An Astounding Variety

Be yours a style that emphasizes functionality or extravagance, you will find that, with the mind-boggling variety of veneers on offer at INCLASS, there is no dearth of one that reflects your personal style and suits your taste.

Unique and Inimitable

Every veneer is as unique as the tree that it comes from. Its grain and colour are inimitable and nothing like it has or will ever be produced again. Owning a veneer is an exclusive business, indeed!

Strong domain knowledge and technical expertise

Promoted by experienced professionals involved with timber for over 30 years, INCLASS prides itself on its domain knowledge and technical expertise – two of our undeniable strengths.

Environment-friendly raw materials and processes

We respect nature and believe in the sustainable use of the scarce natural resources that is wood. The wood that goes into the making of our veneers is sourced from sustainable forestry. It is then examined personally by our veneer specialist before it is sent off to the mills for veneer production.

Low-formaldehyde materials and eco-friendly technologies further reduce our ecological footprint. The wastage of wood is minimal in veneer production. However, whatever wastage does occur is recycled to the extent that’s possible.

So come, visit us and let us, together, decorate the beautiful space that you call home with veneers genuine and inimitable!




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