4 Bedroom Wallpaper Styles That Have Stood the Test of Time Bedroom decor can inspire vibrant mornings, pensive evenings, and everything in between. What mood do you want to create with it? What emotions do you want it to evoke in you? A plethora of styles will welcome you on your journey to designing your bedroom, your own little haven. We bring to you a collection of four bedroom wallpaper styles to inspire and ignite
reclaimed wood flooring
Reclaimed Wood Flooring that’s a Cut above the Rest Manufactured exclusively in Austria, the wooden flooring available with Aaren Intpro boasts promoters with over 100 years of experience in wood processing. But how does this translate into a meritorious product which is technically not just sound but superior to other comparable products? Read on to find out. Parquet Surfaces: Air-dried and Oiled Surface Unlike lacquered surfaces, an oiled surface offers direct and pleasant contact with
Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions for a Stunning Interior The brand name Kessebohmer is synonymous with smart kitchen storage solutions. Designed and built in Germany, Kessebohmer’s range is mind-boggling and extends from corner cabinets and base cabinets all the way to drawers and pantry storage solutions, to encompass the whole gamut of kitchen storage needs. Efficient Corner Cabinets Today’s innovative answer to storing everything from jars and bottles to pots and pans, Kessebohmer’s corner cabinets combine
INCLASS Veneers: Leading the Way with Quality Products Welcome, dear reader! Today, we take you behind the scenes and into the depths of our products, babies we’ve nurtured with our love and care for over 30 years. ‘We’ve been leading suppliers of exotic wood veneers in India over the course of these years. Here’s how we achieve this year after year. This is what makes our products unique. Genuine Wood INCLASS’ veneers are made from
Meet Tall Cabinets for the Kitchen: A New Paradigm in Storage Solutions More than just a passing trend, tall kitchen cabinets represent a new way of doing things. An attempt to both declutter and redesign storage ideas, tall cabinets in the kitchen give the space both superior aesthetics, especially as it renders the look of a kitchen modern, as well as a functional edge, or two! We’ve broken it down for you below. Take a



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