Meet Tall Cabinets for the Kitchen: A New Paradigm in Storage Solutions

More than just a passing trend, tall kitchen cabinets represent a new way of doing things. An attempt to both declutter and redesign storage ideas, tall cabinets in the kitchen give the space both superior aesthetics, especially as it renders the look of a kitchen modern, as well as a functional edge, or two! We’ve broken it down for you below. Take a look!

Big Shopping Trips? No problem

Fighting a busy schedule and countering it by buying your groceries in bulk? Worry no more about how to store your dry goods. Tall kitchen cabinets, it goes without saying, offers you much more bang for your buck when it comes to space. Stack ‘em dry good up floor to ceiling, categorize them from eye level to further away based on how often you need them, and add to these the incredible fact that tall cabinets are extremely friendly when it comes to providing you better reach and what you have is a solution that suits all your needs down to the last letter.

Great Space Utilization Meet User-Friendliness

We can’t stress enough how well tall cabinets utilize space. Take a look at our Dispensa Swing cabinets with an extremely high angle of rotation that becomes especially important for those tricky corner spaces in the kitchen that make articles difficult to reach. Now, just swing the cabinet around in these spaces and voila! You’ll see that now your reach is no issue at all.

Get Rid of Clutter, Already

There’s hardly a reason not to take those cabinets all the way up to the ceiling unless you see the space between your cabinets and ceiling as a display space. And these days, the idea of this space as one for display is not a widely held one, owing to the move to simplify and de-clutter spaces and, consequently, destress yourself.

Create a Sense of Expansiveness with these Beauties

Tall kitchen cabinets that hug the walls make sure that your kitchen not only seems larger but that floor space is actually freed when working with these aesthetically pleasing designs. Now you no longer need to clutter your kitchen with cabinets when just a few of these beauties can do the job for you just as well, if not a notch or two better.

No-Fuss Installation and Cleaning

The extended reach that these cabinets allow for and the top-notch materials we use to create them ensure that cleaning is made super simple – wet, wipe, and be done! As simple as 1, 2, 3 – low on both the time it takes and the effort you need to spend to get it done. The installation process for these cabinets are just as easy and involve no messes and no hassles unlike traditional cabinets.

All in all we see no reason for you to go in for tall kitchen cabinets that are designed and manufactured with the modern lifestyle in mind.




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