SLIDING SYSTEMS: Save space with an excellent addition to your interiors 

Including Sliding Systems in your home decor can bring about a immaculate and luxurious refreshment to your living space.Create glamorous frontage solutions with the reliable technology of the most iconic brands world-wide, Hettich and Geze.

Why to opt for Precious Italian Craftsmanship for Bath Space?

The primary feature that sets a brand apart from the rest is quality raw materials. What turns this raw material into luxury is state of the art technology. These world class brands are the perfect example of how superior crafting techniques and high quality material can chisel out products that are best suited for a luxurious contemporary lifestyle

Now, Precious Metals to Adorn Your Walls PREPARE TO BE BEWITCHED & BEDAZZLED

As with all things beautiful, this one too began its life as a nascent idea-an ephemeral thought that slowly found form through constant nurturing:the idea that nothing spells luxury like precious metals.

Furnipart Collection Spot On with Aluminium

Aluminium is making a splash this season with its sleek colour tones and flawlessly smooth texture. And Furnipart is right on trend with these beautiful handles finished in matt! Presenting... the Spot On Aluminium collection from Furnipart

No cause for alarm Secure your home with SmartBlock

Those French windows that lend sophistication to your home? They’re unsafe. In fact, any glass window leaves you vulnerable to burglars. And
there are many of them around, alright

Digital Door locks Keyless Convenience

Simplify your life with digital door locks. Now, choose from a fingerprint, smart card or keypad to unlock your door with. Also pair these digital door locks with alarm systems to achieve greater security from burglary, fire and vandalism

Textile Project 2018

It all started in yet another spectacular event of Salon edel Mobile 2018. When an event of such a scale, with a vision to bring in new and out of the world, is in the event’s rule book, there had to be something new to the décor business of walls and windows.

A Paradise for world class Phellem wooden furniture

Phellem collection is inspired by the very idea of a bark that is so silent in the woods but speaks volumes when one pays a close attention to it

Sounds fascinating?

Treasure Trove to Exclusive Veneers

Veneers are not just the most decorative but at the same time most economical way of producing high quality, genuine wood facing materials. With nearly 9 different specialized cutting working their techniques on AA+ grade logs, AAREN Intpro brings in the highest grade veneers for you. Few of our exclusive designs are sure to capture your hearts



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