4 Bedroom Wallpaper Styles That Have Stood the Test of Time

Bedroom decor can inspire vibrant mornings, pensive evenings, and everything in between. What mood do you want to create with it? What emotions do you want it to evoke in you?

A plethora of styles will welcome you on your journey to designing your bedroom, your own little haven. We bring to you a collection of four bedroom wallpaper styles to inspire and ignite your passion for decor.


Wallpapers that feature varying tones of a colour characterize this style that developed in the latter half of the 20th century.

Typically, colors such as brown, cream, taupe, and white dominate the palette of contemporary wallpapers, lending an air of quiet sophistication to the space. Used in a bedroom, these colors calm down the senses and bring on a sense of serenity, easing you into sleep day after day. Contrast these with shots of bold color to effortlessly up the character quotient of your wallpaper and inject personality into it.


The word timeless comes to mind when one encounters this style of design. Traditional wallpapers boast a sense of sophistication that renders a space elegant and classy beyond doubt. In fact, we’d say it is rather difficult to go wrong when working with this style. Anchored in the past, traditional wallpaper design ensures you enjoy a decided sense of comfort even as it wears an air of the slightly formal. With largely neutral palettes sometimes livened up with touches of bold yet elegant color, traditional wallpapers is the way to go if you enjoy the classy life!


Synonymous with this style of design is the term ‘minimalistic’. If you’re wondering what’s minimal about it, the answer is, quite simply, everything! Shape, colour, and detail are all toned down to create a sense of simplicity and restraint that emphasizes space and is a far cry from clutter of any sort. Translated to wallpaper design, the modern style spells a clean and uncomplicated colour palette and detailing aimed at evoking a sense of purity and pride. Clarity of intention too is emphasized in the modern style with functionality taking pride of place in the design.


Want the best of both worlds? No problem! Not limited by color, style, theme or pattern is this class of wallpapers designed to inspire and amaze you. Combining traditional patterns and motifs with modern production techniques and materials is this breed of bedroom wallpapers that bring alive the ordinary. Take good old florals, for instance. Now recreate them with watercolor… and, voila! You have transitional wallpaper that’s refreshingly novel and pleasing to the eye. If you’re torn between the elegance of traditional design and the minimalistic appeal of the modern, then transitional is the way to go!

There are enough wallpaper designs out there to daze and confuse you. We suggest you focus on a style that appeals to your sensibilities and then shop around for a specific design that best enhances your space. If you’ve zeroed in on your favourite style, pay us a visit at Aaren Intpro, where an exclusive collection of creatively designed and expertly produced wallpapers awaits you.




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