Virtually indistinguishable from wood, laminates are what you’re looking for if the rich look of wood is what you’re after. They are packed with features that can add notes of opulence to any space, and the natural choice if you need a material for interior design that is both stylish and performs at a high level.

Laminates not only bring in the chic look of wood along with the associated class but also come in a large variety of textures and colours. From warm-coloured ones that are a medium to dark brown in colour to rustic laminates reminiscent of the reclaimed look of a cabin in the woods, and those that present hues of grey and lend a beachy, breezy tone to your space, the selection is endless as is the mood and ambience you can set with laminates.

Speaking of variety, while decorative laminates  effortlessly serve up the appeal and allure of materials such as granite or marble, high pressure laminates can be moulded into desired shapes and textures that imitate natural materials.

Now, most luxury interior design materials take unholy levels of maintenance to ensure they retain their charm. Laminates are an exception to that fact of life, alright! Compared to other natural high-end interior design materials such as marble or stone, for instance, the maintenance of laminates is a breeze. In case you’re wondering why, this is because the surface of laminates is impervious to oil stains, other liquid stains and also heat. This property also renders the laminate surface effortlessly hygienic and clean.

Laminates are an element of your decor that can be easily replaced without burning a hole in your pocket. This allows you to experiment with new looks and ambiences frequently without the heartache of redoing interiors that cost a bomb. While at it, you can rest assured that you’ll have a mind-numbing variety of laminates to choose from as well, ensuring that something that suits your taste is definitely out there.

Another aspect of laminates that make them desirable is the possibility of customization. With the variety added to the option to customize, your only problem will be that you’ll be left spoilt for choice.

Laminates are here for the long haul and not going out of style anytime soon. So get your shopping shoes on and pick up your laminates today!



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