The past few years have witnessed an extensive use of veneers in interior designing which is a leap forward from their previous use as mere decorative surfaces. This is mainly because the world has finally woken up to the sophistication and personality veneers add to any living space. Today they have a more practical presence in home, offices or other institutions.

Before divulging on to further details, it is important to understand what veneer is exactly.

To put it simply, veneer is a very thin layer of wood that is added on to the surface of a solid material or core panels. The main purpose of adding this layer is to import an element of sophistication to the surfaces.

The specialty of veneers lies in the fact that since they are actually wood slices they retain rugged softness of wood. Another unique feature is that no two lots of veneer sheets are exactly similar. This is so because even within the same wood species the sheets may vary in color and texture. It is this clean and organic simplicity that makes it the most preferred natural product recommended by renowned architect or designers.

The Essence of INCLASS

For generations since INCLASS is known to be highly reputed for its optimum quality and authentic wood veneers that are undefeatable proof of authenticity and longevity. With a history of experience in the timber business going back to over thirty years, veneers from brand INCLASS is a true personification of a family-trust and innovation.

Formation of the Masterpiece

Exotic Wood is timeless and natural. The trick is to capture this natural essence in the veneer sheet. This is solely dependent on the manufacturing process which can either escalate or ruin this characteristic of naturalness.

The expertly crafted INCLASS veneers embody the natural beauty of a log at its most primal layers as its creation starts with the selection of log wood from the best of the best species. Only AA+ grade logs are chosen and crafted with highly merchandised and state-of-art mechanisms.

From maintaining the precise optimal temperature to employing supreme slicing techniques, INCLASS does it all to ensure each of the end products gives structure to creating spectacular and unique interior spaces.

The Finely balanced Drying ensures that the veneer sheets are evenly dried in a temperature controlled dryer in such a way that they retain the least moisture. Once they leave the dryer, each veneer is evenly assembled to reconstruct the log. The conclusion of this exhausting but rewarding process ends with the expert inspection by industry veterans on each log as a guarantee to deliver high quality products to each customer. The end product is a perfectly clean sheet with a consistent face thickness of 1mm.

INCLASS Veneers for exotic Home Décor

Beautiful wood veneers from INCLASS possess an aesthetic spirit from color to texture. The primal aim of INCLASS is to capture this and supply the right wood veneer for the right project. With a vast collection from the most splendid and rare logs from across the world, these veneers are the perfect fit to build exclusive and priceless surfaces.



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