Built on the strength of deep market research comes iMove, a revolutionary new product from Kessebohmer that redefines pull-down systems for wall units.

The Research

Before the design of this range was undertaken, a close look was taken at the data that came in through the aforementioned research.

The market research did not stop with understanding how customers use and interact with their wall units but also took into consideration the kitchen planners’ approach to and view of the product.

Basis the information derived from it, a product range was created that is both lean and fits the current needs of users. Thus, the range not only meets the demands of the market but also makes the logistics - that is, the storage and movement - of these units easy.

The Product: Features & Benefits

As with every other project that is undertaken, here too the bringing together of aesthetics with functionality is ensured, all the while bearing in mind the age-old adage - form follows function!

So how does iMove achieve functional superiority, you ask?

The focus is on a number of aspects such as operational simplicity or ease of use, highly accessible storage, an unhindered view of objects inside, and sheer speed of use.

The result is an innovative pull-down system that converts, no, transforms the wall unit into an efficient and convenient system for storage that places the user at its centre.

In fact, one simple movement is all it takes to pull the iMove and all its contents downward and outward.

The Range: Widths, heights and more

The product range covers all the commonly seen wall unit widths in a small number of variants. These variants are 50, 60, 80 and 90 cm in the case of iMove Single and 50 and 60 cm in the case of iMove Double.

Heights, however, are seen to vary fairly widely. iMove counters this challenge by adding flexibility to the installation combined with the option of either one (Single) or two (Double) shelves. While the former caters to wall units that stand at a height of 470 mm or more, the latter serves those that stand at a height of 710 mm or more. There is no upper limit where heights are concerned.

iMove is also versatile in that the user will encounter no trouble if compensating for carcase differences such as differences in side panel thicknesses.

A product that displays both functional and aesthetic superiority, iMove can add a touch of class to any home.



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