The different types of highlighters available in the market are essentially classified by the material used in their construction. Hence, they can be marble, tile, wooden, texture paint, etc. Each of these types of highlighters serves a slightly different function in that they add a different sort of vibe from the other to your space. The numerous commonly used types are described below.

Stone highlighters

A wide array of highlighters welcome the homeowner who opts for stone highlighters. From designer stones to simple stones, these elements of interior decor are also available in a number of sizes, colours, and designs too. Royal, artistic, and glamorous are some of the common looks you can go for when opting for stone highlighters. A long-lasting finish, durability and carrion resistance are characteristics associated with this type of highlighters.

Wooden highlighters

While wooden highlighters are mainly for use on interior vertical surfaces, they have several applications from use on walls and furniture to tables, columns, doors, and more. They also come in a wide variety of styles and in a number of finishes and surface design options. They are seen used in homes as well as public places such as restaurants, retail outlets, theatres, and the like. From stylish to simple, the options are many and wood highlighters may be used to cover a wall in part or full. In the latter case the application is known as a wooden panel. Wooden highlighters lend a rich look to the space where they are used and are in trend this season. To maintain the richness of the look, it is recommended to have the wood polished every 4-5 years.

Tiles as highlighters

Highlighters composed of tiles are often used to serve as backsplashes in kitchens and also in the bathroom. They may be used also in the living room space in simple patterns and styles.

Marble highlighters

Marble is a timeless interior design material that is well known for its lifetime durability, quality and the rich look it lends to a space. Worth investing in for these reasons, these highlighters come in a number of styles and types, and, accordingly, prices. Of note, however, is the fact that these type of highlighters can be maintained without any effort whatsoever. That is, they are maintenance free - a rare characteristic given the luxurious nature of the material.

The other common types of highlighters seen include texture paints which add depth and dimension to interiors while also being economical. Quick and easy to apply and of intermediate durability, zinc highlighters constitute the last class of highlighters commonly used in interior design.



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