There can be nothing compared to the tranquility of a long and relaxing bath. Hence, finding the right bathtub is extremely crucial to initiate this experience of uninterrupted satisfaction. Whether you are on a lookout for something basic or something that embodies luxury in every sense, an array of factors needs to be considered and options to be weighed before the search comes to a fruitful end.

Here is a guide that shall help all take a more informed decision during the purchase of that perfect bathtub.

When considering the options, there are two major factors to be considered.  The first relates to a Need and second to a Requirement.  

The ‘Need’ essentially pertains to the kind of experience one wants to have out of their bathtub. Based on this, bathtubs can be classified precisely into the following types
Standard Bathtubs:

The most common type of tubs that come without the special attributes. These tubs are the most affordable ones and the easiest option that is available without any compromise on the functionality. Although, it comes with one drawback that is, the installation options are limited.

Soaking Bathtubs:

To get a fuller soaking experience, these tubs are the ideal. Wider and deeper than the standard tubs, they make adjusting into them much easier. The excellent supportiveness and ergonomics of these tubs make them the most preferred choice.

Whirlpool Bathtubs:

These tubs come with strategically positioned jets that are close to a person’s major muscle groups as one lie in the tub. The force induced from the jets provides a massage-like experience that is both relaxing and helpful for reducing body aches and pains.

Air Bathtubs:

They might be similar to whirlpool tubs but rather than shooting water out of jets , they shoot air out from a number of different jets in a methodical manner that spreads the pressure out. This sensation is more therapeutic and less concentrated and thus, is more relaxing.

Now the question comes of experience. Experimental options are crucial to choosing the right type of tub which depends on a more practical concern: installation. Here are the major options at hand:
Freestanding Bathtubs:

Just one sentence is enough to bring out their purpose. They are beautiful and are reserved for relaxing. It comes without any benefit of a doubt that freestanding bathtubs are capable of being the center of attraction in any bath space. They are definitely larger than the standard tubs and are made keeping in mind a large bath space.  

They can stand either on feet like the claw feet or on a based designed to support the entire tub’s weight.  They come in an unnumbered variety of designs and each of them stunningly beautiful. Nothing can beat the essence of a glamorous claw foot installed in a master bath.

Drop in Bathtubs:

They are sometimes known as platform bathtubs as they come with a frame that is designed to match the room around the tub. This allows the users to literally drop into them and enjoy a long soak. The installation process is complicated but these tubs give a control over how the space looks like. Apart from looking extremely luxurious, the drop-ins perfectly match the rest of the bathroom and give an overall harmonious look.

Undermount Bathtubs:

 An Undermount is practically no different than a drop-in tub except for its rim being covered by a deck top. Here too, the installation involved is more complex and costly but they bring in an aesthetic appeal that makes all the extra hassle worth it.

Whether it’s an affordable option or an installation that shall be the marker of luxury, bathtubs are the source of that absolute comfort which the 21st century yearns for.  Figure out the characteristics and find a bathtub that fits best according to your lifestyle and preferences.



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