A signature, a human being, and… a wood veneer - what do they all have in common? You guessed it - the quality of being unique.

Personality: One-of-a-Kind Exclusivity

To own a wood veneer product is to own something exclusive. The texture, grain, and colour of no wood veneer are the same as that of the next one. As different as each tree is from the next, so is each wood veneer from any other. This offers endless possibilities for both architectural as well as artistic uses, not least among them the creation of remarkably striking and unique interiors.

Character: Best-in-Kind Quality

Consider the fact from among 70,000 different types of wood that are known, only around 200 or a mere 0.3% is used in the production of veneers. The exclusivity doesn’t end there. From among all the logs that are cut from a certain wood type, it is only the very finest and rarest of logs that are chosen to make wood veneers.

Responsibility: An Environment-Friendly Choice

The technique used in the production of wood veneers expands the amount of usable wood by a great extent. Whereas a log that is used for solid lumber is cut into relatively thick pieces, that which goes into the production of wood veneers is cut into slices as thin as - wait for this - 1/40th of an inch. Here, although the extent varies from one wood veneer manufacturer to the next, it is only very little wood that gets wasted by the saw blade thickness or saw kerf. This means the yield is greatly higher in the production of wood veneers than other types of wood products, which in turn results in less stress being placed on the natural resource.

Add to this the fact that wood, when used as wood veneers, covers a far greater area than when used as a solid piece which may offer no more than a few centimetres of visibility, and you know that what you have made is a truly eco-friendly choice.

We hope you are as awed as we are at the intrinsic beauty of the product and process - a sustainable use of a precious resource that offers not just unmatched quality but also adds beauty and personality to a space. Owning a wood veneer is little different from owning your own piece of nature - inimitable, irreplaceable, and quite simply, as distinctive as you are!



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