More than Elegance: The Utilities of Interiors Featuring Sliding Glass Doors Your home is your dream come true and you want it to reflect everything you stand for. However, there’s a catch. You don’t want it to burn a hole in your pocket either. Here’s where sliding doors come in. As elegant as they are economical, they may be just what you’re looking for. But the goodies don’t stop there. Here are a number of
Rare Masterpieces of Nature – Luxury Furniture at AAREN Intpro Born of the creative impulses of creators Andrea Forti and Eleonora Dal Farra comes Alcarol, a unique brand of furniture whose trademark characteristic is its attempt to showcase craft heritage through wood that is sourced locally, from all across the world. It breaks with convention to create deeply poetic woodwork that stands in sharp contrast to the uniformity of design that current large scale industrial
Trends 2018-19: What’s cooking in the world of kitchen design? No longer a thought relegated to the back burner, kitchen design has come a long way over the years and is today more than eminently ready to make some of the best ideas from the world of home design its own. We did a round-up of what’s on trend in the world of kitchen design. Here’s what we unearthed! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you
Supreme Quality Wood Veneers and Its Advantages (Brand INCLASS)  “Decorative wood veneers are known to highlight the natural beauty of timber”. This is so common a phrase that all of us looking for authentic veneers almost cringe away from this saying.  It’s neither decorative veneers nor the beauty of timber that we aim for while on the hunt for that perfect veneer sheet.  Exotic and unique are the two words that are aimed for. Yet,
6 Compelling Reasons to Opt for Decorative Laminates for Doors In two minds about using decorative laminates to embellish your doors? Here are a few facts that’ll lay your worries to rest. 1. High Value for Money and Economical By far the least expensive of door design options, laminates weigh in at far higher value than the cost at which they are sold. Their cost is non-restrictive and is affordable for one and all. Moreover,



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